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You are curious enough to have made it here and we’re happy to know so. Similarly, we are also curious to get to know the real estate agent you are!

Downtown Rochester

Who are we?

The Brick & Mortar Team is a premier Metro-Detroit real estate team lead by three Associate Brokers; Michael Ivkov, Kevin Kostka and Jeremy Galli. Together Michael, Kevin & Jeremy bring over fifteen years of combined experience and tens of millions of dollars in sales volume that give them the experience to lead clients through today’s ever-changing real estate market.

Ultimately, our goal is to grow our team with like-minded and awesome agents who share our core values. Being authentic, professional, loyal to our clients, innovative and aspiring; are some of our core values, so whether you are a versed real estate agent with millions of dollars in sales or just getting your career started, WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Why Join Us?

We’ve been in real estate for quite some time and we believe we know a thing or two about what a real estate agent needs in a company, and the type of environment and culture that needs to be present for that real estate agent to prosper. As much as we’d love to list thousands of reasons why we believe you should join us, but there’s not enough room for that. See below the perks of joining Exp Realty in general and The Brick & Mortar Team more exclusively.





Best Place to Work


The Perks


Commission & Equity Program

Exp Realty’s revolutionary business model centers around the agent. Learn More


Growth & Culture

We are all about culture, personal and professional growth. Learn More

Commission & Equity Program


Agents start with a 80/20 commission split and have the opportunity to earn to to 100% commission when certain conditions are met


Earn up to $16,000 in stock per anniversary year upon the completion of certain production and cultural goals



Earn shares on your first transaction and when you fully cap

Growth & Culture


We are active in the community and love to participate in local events and volunteer


Recurring team outings to local restaurants, venues and other events



Annual trips to Exp’s nationwide conferences and cultural meetings

Technology. Technology.Technology


Live support & Weekly Training


More than 20 hours of live training each and every week


Learn from the industry experts and top producers about:

  • sales and listings

  • lead generation

  • social media

  • CRM and technology tools



Top into an archive of recorded sessions


CRM & Lead Generation


Powerful lead generation tools at no addition cost


Fully customizable real estate website optimized for lead generation


Optional in-house lead generation programs




Branding & Marketing


Customizable business cards, brochures and signage


Fully customizable real estate website optimized for lead generation


Landing pages, iframes and IDX for your website



Meet Our Team

Broker. Realtor. Sales
Broker. Realtor. Sales
Broker. Realtor. Sales
Realtor. Sales. Marketing
Realtor. Sales. Public Relations

Mike has been in the Real Estate Industry since 2009 and has been loving it ever since. He is truly passionate about helping people from all walks of life purchase their dream home and his patience and drive for a good deal shines through in each transaction. He never encourages clients to purchase a home in order to make a sale because he hopes to have a continued relationship with them after the papers are signed at the closing table! This same mentality is taken when it comes to listing a client’s home as well. He is honest about home values and all his past clients are appreciative of that honesty. We sell them quickly, but also for top dollar!

Personally, Mike enjoys traveling with his wife, Andrea, of 2 and half years and has been fortunate enough to see much of Europe! But he still has the itch to see more! Mike loves gathering around a dinner table and experiencing food and culture with friends and family. It is at the dinner table, that he believes true community is developed! He can often be found on the weekends checking out a new restaurant in the metro Detroit area and would love to offer tips to you! As a hobby, Mike is an amateur wood worker!

Mike and his wife are actively involved at their church, Kensington, and love to volunteer their spare time at the info desk, hosting a small group in their home for young marrieds and other various events held through the church!

Kevin’s passion, accountability and honesty in dealing with each of his clients makes him a perfect fit for the Brick & Mortar Team. In his career, Kevin has been involved in all types of transactions, from complex estates to single family residences. His experience has provided him the knowledge that empowers buyers and educates sellers when navigating through the modern Metro Detroit real estate market. Kevin goes the extra mile to ensure his clients are treated like family and not like just another sales transaction. Kevin is a top producer, helping to drive his team towards the receiving of honors from Real Estate One and Hour Media in 2016! He prides himself in delivering top-notch service and is always striving to make his client’s experience flawless.

In his personal time Kevin enjoys spending time with his growing family as he and his wife Kate just welcomed their first child into the world! Kevin and his wife love checking out new restaurants and traveling. He is also a solid golfer and can often be found on the course on the weekend with his grandpa or some good buddies.

Jeremy’s incredible work ethic and passion for his clients make him a perfect fit for the Brick and Mortar Team. He has almost 15 years of sales experience! This experience helps him negotiate optimal deals for all of his clients. Jeremy’s knowledge and expertise in the “new construction” sector of real estate is invaluable for those clients looking to build a fully custom dream home. He can help you find the perfect lot and provide protection and insight throughout each building phase. Since Jeremy was a teenager he has had a passion for real estate and the long term wealth it can provide through strategic investments. He currently manages his own personal portfolio of rental homes and would love to assist those looking to start their own rental home portfolio so they too can experience long term financial freedom.

In his personal time, Jeremy loves laughing and hanging out with close friends. Most importantly, his favorite thing to do is take his wife Chelsea and their four kids up north to their family cottage. In the winter, they take vacations down in Florida to get away from the cold!

Milad is one of the newest additions to our Brick & Mortar team. His combined experience in real estate and home financing dates back to 2014. One of Milad’s most noticeable traits is his passion for perfecting the client experience and going above and beyond to make sure all of his clients are happy and satisfied.

Responding with a sense of urgency and allowing no exceptions to get in the way of helping clients every time is the core foundation of his business model. Milad is also bilingual. He speaks Arabic fluently which allows him to better communicate with our Arabic speaking community and help them achieve exactly what they are looking for.

Personally, He loves to travel and get to know different cultures around the world. He’s been to Germany, Poland, France, Jordan, Lebanon and Greece and wouldn’t mind spending most of his retirement traveling and getting to know people of different cultures. Milad also loves soccer and would argue he was one of the best soccer players back when he was able to run without having to stop every 5 minutes to take a break.

Dave is NOT your typical realtor. Heard that before? Well here is his quick bio. After high school he attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and graduated near the top of his class with a degree in Systems Engineering. Following that he attended Naval Nuclear Power School enroute to his first duty station in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, as a commissioned officer aboard a fast attack submarine. Following three years of subsurface life ( there was some fun in the sun sprinkled in there), he had the distinct privilege to stay in Hawaii and work with the Navy SEALs as an Operations Officer for three more years.

Having met his wife in Hawaii (a native Michigander!), it was time to get out of the military and start a family. They moved to Chicago and two years of arduous schooling later, he earned his Senior Reactor Operator’s License from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to operate and lead watch teams in the commercial nuclear power sector. After five years of worked holidays, missed weddings, and watching his son grow up without him, he decided to change gears in life, move to Michigan to be close to family, and get his Real Estate license, one of his lifelong passions.

Dave wants everyone that reads this to understand that he brings to the table a superior work ethic, and as you have read, he’s done this for his whole life. Nothing has come easy to him, everything has been earned. One of his main Core Values his lives by centers entirely around Service to Others; the more he give and helps, the more fulfilled he becomes